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Internet of Things

IoT is a development of the Internet. In which everyday home appliances, devices, gadgets and objects will have network connectivity. Allowing them to send and receive data with your mobile as a remote control.

We also call it as Connected Home. Yes the “IoT or Connected home” is becoming a reality. Thanks to improved broadband networks and mobile apps. Here’s a rundown of how our homes are getting smarter.

Appliances like Smart TV. Lights to Home security devices like Video Door Phone, Cameras, gas sensor. Intrusions to Entertainment products like Audio Video Receivers, IPTV, Gaming Console to lifestyle and health based devices like Smart Watch. They collect data about how you use them, learn your habits, typically connect to an app and give you feedback to improve your lifestyle. The connected or IoT home is no longer a futuristic vision many of the barriers that blocked the realization of a smart home have eroded.

Thanks to Fiber to the Home. Which has now made Connected Home a Reality. Network bandwidth is widespread, connectivity is becoming more common in many traditional home products, and consumers are craving smart-home experiences. But the Question  “Is your Home IoT Ready?”.

To make the your Home IoT ready and make superior services available across all your devices inside your apartment, it is necessary to install a home network and make your home a  “Connected Home“. Supporting the in-home network with a structured wiring infrastructure provides reliability, security, and flexibility with such growing  technologies.

Coalesce is a centralize distribution enclosure, which receives all incoming services from ISP like Broadband, IPTV, FTTH, Telephony, Satellite Cable TV and then distributes and connects to all in home technology devices like LCD/LED, Media Servers, Home Theatre Gaming Console, Wireless, multiple Set top boxes box, computer/laptop.

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