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SIP Video Door Phone

Onetouch provides communication with integrated security, designed keeping people and environment in mind. All the security systems such as Video Door Phone, CCTV, Access Control, Society Management Software and others combine to form a single, user friendly and manageable platform. 

Video Doorbell

key features

110° wide angle lens

Integrated motion sensor

Digital door lock integration

Night vision camera

Motion based snapshots

Remote monitoring

(doorbell camera)

See & Talk

We must know before opening the door who is knocking. With Onetouch Video Door Phone you can see and talk to your visitor before opening the door.

Smart Door Phone

key features


7 & 10 inches touch screen


Supports Multi-apartment


Sensor integration

Two-way messaging

Smartphone integration


Unlimited intercom

Video Door Entry System

An efficient video door entry system by Onetouch. First time in India with 5-in-1 features. Verify entry at lobby, clubhouse or gym with Onetouch Video door entry station.

Video Door Entry Station

key features

Apartment dialing

Access card reader

Bio metric unlocking

Face detection

Night vision

EM Lock integration

​Main Entrance Security Phone

Once visitor arrived at main gate, the security guard can verify with Onetouch guard cabin phone. Being a SIP based device it can be integrated with 3-rd party CCTV as well.

Can be integrated with other Onetouch devices as well.

Guard Cabin Phone

key features

7” touch screen + hard keys

SIP IP based

Webcam integration

alarm panel

Alarm management

IP camera monitoring

Building management software integration

Apartment Smart Intercom

Onetouch Apartment Smart Intercom with built in SOS & door unlocking shortcut keys. You can also make audio call on your Video Door phone.

Apartment Smart Intercom

key features

SIP IP based

Built in SoS & unlock shortcut keys

HD voice

Call forwarding

Full duplex speakerphone

Supports PoE

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