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Useful for standalone and multi apartment


Sound and LED indicator

Detects LPG and other natural gases

Notification on management PC & Guard’s phone

Video door phone integration

Easy installation and secure

Onetouch Gas Leak Detector is ideal for detecting kitchen cocking gas. It is designed and produced strictly according to the standards. This gas sensor is a product with high stability and endurance. Which can be used independently or connected to the network. 

Adopted with Superior Quality Sensor

Onetouch gas detector can be used as a Standalone Detector and comes with built-in Relay Port for connecting to a Alarm System.

This gas sensor has factory fitted Sensitivity Level Grade, but for certain application the Sensitivity Level can be changed using the PoD inside.

Onetouch gas leak detector can be integrated with smartphone. Send instant notification on mobile, indoor monitor, guard phone and society management system in case of gas leakage.

So you can check the real time status of your house. Because of mobile integration you can alert to your guard or your neighbour.

Onetouch gas sensor works round the clock. So nothing can disturb your precious sleep.

It is a sophisticated home gas detection system because it protects property damage.

It is wall mounted and helps in taking quick remedial actions, so accidents can be avoided easily.