• Address: 7563 St. Vicent Place, Glasgow
  • Phone: +777 2345 7885:  +777 2345 7886
  • Hours: 7 Days a week from 10-00 am to 6-00 pm

Onetouch, a SIP based Video Door Phone system with unlimited intercom and built in 8 zone alarm panel acheived a 3 Tier Visitor Video Verification and 3 Tier intrusion with intelligent Residential Society Management Software.



  • Video Door Phone system
  • Building intercom with EPABX
  • Building access control
  • Intrusion alarm system with Multi Door Sensor, Gas Detector & Panic Switch


  • Multiple systems with multiple cabling
  • Integration of 5 sensors per apartment with centralized monitoring


  • Onetouch SIP multi-apartment Video Door Phone system
  • 3 Tier visitor video verification with unlimited Intercom
  • Onetouch Indoor Monitor with built-in 8 zone alarm panel
  • Integrated Gas Detector, Panic Switch and Magnetic Door Sensor with Onetouch
    Indoor Monitor
  • Onetouch Building Access Control with SIP dialpad and snapshot feature
  • Live alerts of multiple sensors on Indoor Monitor, Guard Phone & Residential Society Management Software

Products Used

  • Onetouch SIP based Video Door Phone System
  • Onetouch Alarm Sensors
  • Onetouch Residential Society Management Software

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