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  • Hours: 7 Days a week from 10-00 am to 6-00 pm

Smart Cloud Door Bell

110° Wide Angle Lens

Door Lock Integration

Moonlight Camera

Integrated Motion Sensor

Video alert on motion


Angular Bracket

Smart Cloud Indoor Monitor

7″ Touchscreen

Cloud Based

3rd Party Integration

Smartphone Integration

Sensor Integration

Wi-Fi Enabled

Onetouch mobile application helps you to stay in touch with your family.

Because we realized the busy life style. So we designed this app for you. You can monitor inside and as well as outside of the house using Mobile App.

Capture Them Easily

Onetouch Cloud Video Doorbell detects suspicious movement. Since it has motion sensor feature. You can receive Video alert on your mobile. Clear snapshot can be taken even in low light conditaion. Get video alert on mobile. So it is tough for stranger.

Allow Your Loved Ones To Enter Easily

Another feature from Cloud video door phone is, Digital Door Lock integration with your smartphone.

So you can unlock your door from anywhere using Onetouch indoor monitor and mobile Application.

Multi-zone Alarm Panel

Another unique feature from Onetouch cloud video door phone is ‘In-built multi-zone alarm panel system’.

We provide security everywhere. Whether it is your bedroom, kitchen or hall or any other zone. You will get instant notification from every zone.

Call on mobile from Doorbell

If visitor press the doorbell you can receive a call from doorbell to your smartphone.

The unique feature for better and fast communication.