• Address: 7563 St. Vicent Place, Glasgow
  • Phone: +777 2345 7885:  +777 2345 7886
  • Hours: 7 Days a week from 10-00 am to 6-00 pm

Ultimate defender of your home

Onetouch Digital Door lock is the ultimate defender of your home. Opened with bio metric, Key Card, or a Pass code; you can enter your home easily. Smart Door lock is integrated with onetouch mobile app, so be anywhere & access it

Welcome your visitor
from anywhere

Unlock your door from anywhere and let your loved ones come in

Fireproof & fire detection

Passing through thorough testing, Onetouch Digital Door Lock passes fire proofing tests easily. It’s smart features automatically open the door in case of internal fire and, rise in temperature above 60° Celsius. After all, your safety is our duty!

No force can take us out!

Strong material, double latching, specially mortised locking system and an inbuilt alarm system resists all sorts of breaking and entering attempts. Even the physical force. Sleep peaceful, knowing that you are in safe hands.

Intrusion Alert Function
It rings the alarm when the door is forcibly opened from outside.

Easy Integration

with Indoor monitor & mobile APP

Onetouch digital door lock can be easily integrated with our video door bell, indoor monitor and can be easily accessed through mobile app.