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Multi Devices Connected During Peak times of the day

Today Homeowners need reliable distribution of Internet for surfing, online gaming, streaming of music and movies, as well as other services such as IPTV, Home Automation, Wireless and FTTH (fiber to the home). Supporting the in-home network with a structured wiring infrastructure provides reliability, security, and flexibility with such growing technologies.

What is coalesce?

Coalesce is a centralize distribution enclosure, which receives all incoming services from ISP like Broadband, IPTV, FTTH, Telephony, Satellite Cable TV and then distributes and connects to all in home technology devices like LCD/LED, Media Servers, Home Theatre Gaming Console, Wireless, multiple Set top box, computer/laptop

Fiber to the Home Made Easy

During the deployment of FTTH, Fibre and the ONT (Modem) requires installation inside the apartment for its efficient function. Fibre needs to be handled safely as it’s delicate like glass. Once installed, ONT is kept inside the house to make sure that connections to all sort of services – IPTV, Broadband etc. are provided. Coalesce is one hub for your FTTH connection and, safe way to distribute it inside.

Connected Home Made Easy

From mobile phones, Smart TVs to, home automation; we have multiple gadgets connected to internet. All these devices need sophisticated connections to function efficiently! Coalesce brings all these different connections together to create a centralized system of distribution that networks all these things together!

Communication Made Easy

Telephone and Intercom are basic necessity of a Home for communication. Coalesce inbuilt intercom module connects all house audio video communication devices to the centralize location.


  • Coalesce is a Centralize Distribution Box for Structured Wiring of Data Voice and Video
  • No Untidy cables hanging or moving around our home along skirting or under carpets
  • Gives Easy Roll out for deploying any kind of technology inside apartment like FTTH, Home Automation or Security