• Address: 7563 St. Vicent Place, Glasgow
  • Phone: +777 2345 7885:  +777 2345 7886
  • Hours: 7 Days a week from 10-00 am to 6-00 pm

Emergency Call Station

Secure Your Township / Campus Area

Immediate Assistance

​With the simple press of an Emergency Call Station’s button people can ask for an immediate assistance. In locations such as parking, shopping mall, road side, campus of schools, colleges and hospitals or within the township complex.
So people can connected to on-site and third-party security or police in seconds.

Alert and Notification

Onetouch Emergency Call Station is designed specifically to be used during emergencies. To alert authorities and main office about a dangerous situation.​ ​So it delivers emergency notifications, communications to management systems, and guard cabin. Which help you to respond faster and effectively during an emergency.​


Personal Security

Safety for loved ones

Security for elderly and disabled

Medical Emergency

Mass Notification

We count every seconds in critical situations. Only a simple button push means ensuring that you receive the help you need. So it can be possible if you set a couple of numbers at the time of installation of emergency call station. As a result, you can send a mass notification.

Typical Application

  • Panic button
  • Emergency phone
  • Mass notification

Modes of Operation

  • Two-way emergency video
  • Direct call to preset
  • Multicast broadcast (push-to-talk)
  • Emergency paging speaker

Emergency Call Station’s Feature

  • SIP compliant
  • Full-duplex voice video
  • Microphone sensitivity
  • Doubles as a paging speaker
  • Tamper alert signal