• Address: 7563 St. Vicent Place, Glasgow
  • Phone: +777 2345 7885:  +777 2345 7886
  • Hours: 7 Days a week from 10-00 am to 6-00 pm
Aditya Vivaaz

Discreet’s strong expertise made it possible for Aditya Vivaaz to deploy their complex security system of visitor’s management, Video Intercom, Gas leak detector and Access Control of their township.



  • Integrated Video Door Phone with Intercom
  • Integrated Gas Leak Detector with central monitoring
  • Integrated IP CCTV camera for common areas
  • Residential Society Management Software


  • Onetouch SIP multi-apartment Video Door Phone
  • Monitoring of IP CCTV cameras from Onetouch Indoor Monitor
  • Integration of Gas Leak Detector and Panic Button with Onetouch Indoor Monitor
  • Building Lobby Access Control with SIP dial pad and snapshot feature
  • Society Management Software


  • IP backbone for Video Door Phone with intercom, Access Control & IP CCTV
  • Limited space in shaft (Less than 150mm)

Products Used

  • Onetouch SIP based Video Door Phone System
  • Onetouch Gas Leak Detector
  • IP based CCTV cameras
  • Onetouch Society Management Software

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