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gas leak detector


Kitchen—preferably an Indian kitchen—is one of the most favorite rooms in our houses. It is a place where the family gathers for breakfast and starts their day, and again wind down the day with dinner. With so many childhood memories and so many tasty foods, it is almost the best place in the house.

If you have heard about a gas leakage incident or have read it in the newspapers or seen it on the television, you will know how devastating such an incident can be for the victims and the survivors! Here we have designed an alarm sensor-integrated gas leak detector, which helps to detect gas leakage in kitchen and send an instant notification/alarm on your smartphone, video door phone. And house owners can easily protect their houses before any major accident could occur.



This application can work all day and all night. It is designed to detect all kinds of gas leakages. It can also be integrated with the indoor monitor. We believe that it is an asset in every kitchen, as it is ideal, strong, easy to install, and it is also available in small sizes.

Once the GLD detects gas leakage in the kitchen, it will send and alarm on your video indoor monitor, guard phone and notification on your smartphone. So, you can save your apartment and family very easily. It works 24×7. No need to worry how far you are from the family.

“Onetouch mobile application makes your life easy.”


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