What is MediaDock?

  • mediaDOCK is multi interface upscaler which using single HDMI cable connects to the TV with auto-input switching
  • It is a low profile connection panel and a complete in room entertainment system with ready interface like RCA, VGA, HDMI, USB, 3.5mm Audio Jack, MHL, LAN, Telephone port and Bluetooth (Optional)
  • A plug and play multimedia interface connection module which allow' us to connect our smart phones, laptop, Home theater, Gaming Console to our LCD/LED using Single HDMI
  • It is dual-channel technology, supports full HD video transmission up to 1080P
  • It can play and charge portable electronics devices through USB port, including iPod/iPhone/iPod

Audio Video Made Easy


Communication Entertainment Convergence plays a vital role for a home. Today we carry our own in room entertainment in form of laptops, smart phones or gaming device. Our needs now include connecting our devices to the LCD or Speaker system for playing the downloaded movie, IPod music, photo slideshow and video games. With all of these technologies becoming commonplace, a centralized connectivity panel provides a straightforward solution for managing the connectivity.

Delicate and Sleek Design and can be embedded in wall or in furniture

Ready connectivity for Triple Play System, Streaming of Audio, Digital Photo Sharing, Storage and IPTV

Sharing the laptop screen with LCD for presentation, Videos, photo sharing, Gaming, Streaming music.

Internet via broadband Ethernet

Mobile charging via USB

A scalable and economical, one stops in-room connectivity solutions

Interface :

Input : AV, VGA, Ypbpr, HDMI, MHL, Rj45, USB, RJ11(HDMI Support4K)

Outout : HDMI, RJ45, RJ11 USB HDMI upscaler1080P(Support4K)