Residential Structured Wiring

"Structured wiring allows you to distribute high-quality telephone, television and networking services throughout your home over a single integrated system. The cable is installed behind your walls from one central enclosure and distributed to multiple rooms or multiple locations within the same room."

Technology is an inseparable part of our lives. Today home owners demand more usability and functionality from ever expanding home digital and communication technologies. They need reliable distribution of Internet for surfing, online gaming, streaming music, HD movies, as well as other services such as media servers, Gigabit networking, VoIP, IPTV, Home Automation, Wireless broadband Internet, Multi outlet interface connection module for connecting their smart phones or laptop and FTTH (fiber to the home), hence a need for a well-connected home exist. With all of these technologies becoming commonplace, a centralized distribution point provides a straight forward solution for managing the needed connectivity & hardware. Discreet leads the Industry in consumer technology connectivity infrastructure solutions for residential properties. Discreet's broad line of Coalesce Structured enclosures, Cable design & Wallplate modules can house all the equipment that controls distribution of signals coming from outside the home from ISPs, including copper & fiber for CATV, Internet and telephone to any outlet within home & reduce cable complexity.

What is Coalesce?


For every residential project-new or retrofit, single family home or high-rise MDU-Discreet's Coalesce offers an unparalleled selection of structured wiring, networking, audio, video and telephone solutions.

  • Coalesce is centralize distribution multimedia box, which receives all incoming services from ISP like Broadband, IPTV, FTH, Telephony, Satellite Cable TV and then distributes and connects to all in home technology devices like LCD/LED, Media Servers, Home Theatre, Gaming Console, Wireless, multiple Set top boxes box, computer/laptop.
  • Coalesce using its Data Module creates a private LAN within home to enable devices to be connected over LAN to share videos, audio, computer, gaming console.
  • Coalesce using its telephone or PABX module bridges all telephones within home and also enable privacy feature.
  • Coalesce using its Wireless module creates secured Wi-Fi network within home to connect gadgets and devices.
  • Coalesce using its Satellite TV Module and Switch, multiplies the incoming one cable TV connection to several multiple set top boxes thereby reducing cabling.
  • Coalesce is a Converged Solution for structured cabling for a home.

Wire Distribution System

Wire Distribution System
Benefits For Home Owners :
  • Centralized Distribution Hub for Telephone, Data and Cable TV.
  • Provides secure, reliable and fast connectivity between consumer electronic devices at home.
  • Reliable distribution of Internet for surfing, online gaming, streaming music and movies, as well as other services such as HDTV, media servers.
  • Ready Connectivity for Triple Play System, Streaming of Audio, Digital Photo Sharing, Storage & IPTV
  • Routers & switches which provide the fastest residential data networking
  • Seamless Telephone connectivity with privacy feature
  • Premium and standard video splitters and switches compliant with Satellite HDTV and digital video distribution requirements
  • A/V connectors, wall plates, home audio modules, controllers, automation and security systems
  • Compatible to ADSL, as well as future Fibre to Home Technology
  • No untidy cables running along skirting borders, under carpets or down the corners of room
  • A scalable and economical, one stop in-home connectivity solutions and media distribution point